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Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations competition


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  • [Idea] Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations competition

    Hello all! Are you a Jr. or Sr. or recent graduate? If so, would you be interested in forming a team to enter the Imaginations contest? Here's the website with more information. Hope to hear from some fellow Disney Geeks out there!!

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    Re: Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations competition

    Good luck! I'm thinking about completing a 2nd college degree, so I can enter this competition.


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      Re: Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations competition

      I don't understand why people think the best ideas come from young adults? Walt Disney was 53 yrs old when he opened Disneyland. Many of the early attractions were created by people over 40. Now unimaginative corporate types prefer younger adults for several reasons but being innately more talented that older adults ain't one of them.


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        Re: Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations competition

        ^ That's because most of the Imagineers are aging out, and the competition is held to recruit young talent. It's an economic principle, many businesses hire recent college graduates and lay off the older workers (or, they retire). I wouldn't go so far as to say that corporations are "unimaginative" for hiring a younger work force, they just need fresh minds to train to replace their current ensemble of workforce.

        Of course, things were harder to figure out back then, and it took Walk Disney and his crew a lot of trial of error-ing, though I don't think that means we have to mirror the same process. After something has been figured out, it's more conservative with time (and money) to have had figured out a process that can be taught to a younger generation and progress can move forward more efficiently.
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