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  • New Imagineering Book – THE IMAGINEERING PYRAMID

    Given the focus of this forum, I think the following is something you all might be interested in.

    I’ve written a book about Imagineering entitled “THE IMAGINEERING PYRAMID: Using Disney Theme Park Design Principles to Develop and Promote Your Creative Ideas.” The book examines 15 principles of Imagineering and looks at how they can be applied to other creative fields "beyond the berm" including game design, instructional design, and leadership / management.

    But while the book is primarily focused on applying Imagineering principles outside the parks, the Imagineering Pyramid also works as an analytical framework for examining and understanding how the Imagineers create such immersive and rich experiences for their Guests. The book includes examples from the parks of each of the 15 principles that comprise the Imagineering Pyramid.

    You can learn more about the book here:

    Several former Imagineers and Disney authors read a pre-publication draft and had very kind things to say:
    "The genius of Walt Disney was his incredible and unique ability to have an idea, see the big picture, visualize the end product and personally guide a team to accomplish that goal. Walt was a great casting director. We were cartoonists, animators, writers and engineers that he brought together to become, what we now know as, "Imagineers". The "Imagineering Pyramid" takes Walt's formula and philosophy to the next level and becomes an in depth journey through the creative process."
    —Rolly Crump, Disney Legend and former Imagineer

    “The principles of themed entertainment design have been slowly making their way out of the park and into the ‘real world’ for several decades, and now Lou Prosperi has collected some of the industry’s most enduring tenets and adapted them into real-world applications that can enhance both your personal and professional lives. His book is accessible and relatable, and I found myself looking at what we do for a living in fresh new ways that can live beyond the park.”
    —Jason Surrell, Author and Creative Director

    “Are you the type of person who walks through a Disney theme park and you start to look at each element in detail, trying to figure out how they all add up to something wonderful? Yeah, me too. Lou is one of us. What he has done is to create a simple system to pull apart the complexity that surrounds you. I guarantee your imagination will be unleashed and you will not look at the parks the same way again. And that is a good thing.”
    —Sam Gennawey, author of Walt Disney and the Promise of Progress City, The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream, and Universal versus Disney: The Unofficial Guide to American Theme Parks' Greatest Rivalry

    “Into the sea of creativity books, Lou Prosperi has thrown a much-needed life raft for everyone. The Imagineering Pyramid could also be called Practical Magic. As a former Disney Imagineer I can attest that Prosperi has captured the techniques and principals of Imagineers and crafted a fascinating, delight-filled, and useful look inside Walt’s “Sand box.” Keep it on your desk to implement these principles frequently. It’s your turn to make some magic”
    —C. McNair Wilson, author/speaker, former Disney Imagineer, HATCH!: Brainstorming Secrets of A Theme Park Designer

    “Having been an Imagineer and Disney Cast Member for half my life, I could relate to all the principles that Lou wrote about in this book because I used them daily. What was brilliant though was how he found a way to apply many, if not all of the principles which were originally developed for use in the creation of Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships and other entertainment venues, to work in any business model. With his clear and direct style of writing, he makes it easily understandable and fun at the same time.”
    —Louis L. Lemoine, Retired Walt Disney Imagineer and Disney Legacy Award recipient

    THE IMAGINEERING PYRAMID is available in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon.



    Lou Prosperi

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