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What Disney Parks of your dreams would you make if you could?


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  • What Disney Parks of your dreams would you make if you could?

    I have already made my dream Disney park on Deviantart based on the Disneyland, California map, with added more rides based on many Disney rides throughout the world. The link to this concept Disney park I made is located here: So, do you have a dream Disney park you want to build if you could. If so, please reply below! ^^

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    I would say Yesterland. Much like the website, but instead of retheming attractions into new popular ones, every rethemes is used on a different old attraction theme.

    How about a 21st century EPCOT. I say, DIsneyCOT, DISCOT.

    One idea I've always had that would be broad, and it would be called Disney Seasons Kingdom. One land would be themed to winter, you could have Frozen there. You could put COCO-themed lands in the fall region of the park.
    The Never Spoken Dedication at the Opening of Pixar Pier:

    The world you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to California—not a place on a map, but a
    state of mind that exists whenever people seek nostalgia and wonder and imagine, a place where the original California Adventure vision and atmosphere are brought back to life by Pixar's vibrant color palette. We invite you to travel to a bygone era of the early 2000s at California Adventure and explore a land that never was, and always will be.
    -(Maybe) Paul Chapek


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