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Disney+ show "Behind the Attraction" on July 16


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  • Disney+ show "Behind the Attraction" on July 16

    This show might be interesting. Each of the ten episodes will focus on one attraction.

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    I'm on board with this.
    "Using archival and never-before-seen footage and photographs". This should be good.
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      I am super excited about this! I have been buying Disneyland behind the scenes books since I was a kid and it will be nice to see some new information I have yet to see in the past, hoping this series will deliver.
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        I have watched the Episodes 1-4 and a little bit of Episode 5. Episodes 6-10 will be released on August 25. I think its a mostly good. Some notes from what I've seen:

        -The tone is more laid back than The Imagineering Story. Kids might enjoy this more, but the goofier tone may put off some adults.

        -Paget Brewster narrates the series and uses her comedy skills for some jokes.

        -Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is an Executive Producer for the series. He appears in Episode 1(Jungle Cruise), with it being a semi-tie in to the Jungle Cruise movie.

        -Many past & present Imagineers appear. Archive footage of Walt, Marc Davis, and John Hench appear in the documentary. Rolly Crump, Tom Fitzgerald, Tony Baxter, Kim Irvine and more appear. Joe Rhode was still working in Imagineering during filming (more on that in a moment). The late Ron Dominguez appears during the series, with Episode 1 being dedicated to him.

        -Episode 2 (Haunted Mansion) features the debate over the tone (Dark Vs. Comedic).

        There were some awkward moments:

        -While they acknowledge the elements of the Jungle Cruise that became controversial because of cultural sensitivity, Marc Davis gets weirdly blamed for the gags.

        -Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout gets awkwardly sandwiched into episode 3 (Tower of Terror). Chapek's name is never referenced, but they referred how the Imagineers were "told to open a new ride by Memorial Day 2017". How Guardians 2, "just happened" to be releasing. And how fans hated the idea, but "changed their minds when the ride opened".

        -While some people may think Joe Rhode was forced to retired (because of the covid budget crunch), I honestly think he threw in the towel deliberately. In the same episode of Tower of Terror, Rhode was assigned the ToT retheme, despite already heavily working on Pandora in Animal Kingdom. Both GotG:MB and Pandora were scheduled to open on the SAME DAY. This led to Rhode having to taking a flight between both openings!
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          I was just recommended this show by a family member today! I will watch throughout the week and report my own thoughts.

          I appreciate Spongeocto4 's assessment! I feel mentally prepared.


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