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What can I post/discuss on MiceChat?

MiceChat is an entertainment centered board. While most subjects may be discussed in our various community lounges, we discourage the discussion or posting of images with a political and/or religious theme. Threads/posts/images which are focused on these topics or become in other ways heated will be moved to the "Litter Box" or MiceChat Gold's "Debate Lounge" (and are also subject to being closed).

Members are reminded that they may post their own personal opinions but may NOT at any time attack another member of the site. MiceChat is a friendly and welcoming site. Users who create hostility or in other ways attack the members of this community are not welcome.

Please be aware that Political and Religious discussions in the Gold Debate Lounge can get ugly, as most people have strong opinions on these subjects. If you must discuss them, please attempt to be respectful of others. All members are reminded that MiceChat rules still pertain to the Debate Lounge and we encourage people to use their reputation voting when members break the rules. However, Moderators will not intervene on your behalf, nor will we reverse any Negative Reputation (rep) points or Retaliatory rep you may receive on the topics of Politics and Religion.

Hate speech (or any form of racism, sexism, or homophobia) is not permitted anywhere on MiceChat, and will result in removal from discussion, up to and including a permanent ban from the site. Members are encouraged to report infringing posts to the moderation team and use their negative voting and report post features whenever they see such behaviors on the site.

Adult discussions must be contained to the "Gold" sections of MiceChat. And even then, discussion of explicit acts is strictly prohibited - including content in clubs and Gold forums. In addition, discussion of anything considered "Disgusting" or "Offensive" by the major search engines are also prohibited from MiceChat as they hurt the community from both a member and business perspective and can result in MiceChat being blocked or downgraded by search engines and advertisers.

If a thread becomes disruptive, sexually graphic, contains objectionable themes, or goes too far off topic, it may be closed, moved, edited, or removed by the Moderators. Members who become abusive as a result of Moderators protecting the members and business interests of the site will be warned, suspended, or banned. Please do everything in your power to keep MiceChat a safe fun place for everyone and refrain from posting content which hurts the community.